A Beginning

Like many great ventures Highly Prospective started with a simple phone conversation between three friends. The Idea of bringing the art community into the virtual world suddenly sprang to mind. We knew that the technology was available and the industry was new and we also knew that we had not only the know how but the drive to bring our idea into reality. Soon every spare moment we had was offered to bringing this idea to life. We saw (If you will) not just the bigger picture, But the entire picture.

Highly prospective started to grow in force within the first two meetings between the three co-founders. Discussions soon became a chorus of new and exciting directions and visions. The melody of problem solving and research teamed along with the ever inspiring muse of artistic expression and creation truly made the work stress free and exciting! We decided to use that very influence to inspire our business model. We wanted to thrive within the profession while keeping stress low and raising the bar everyday to better the adventure.

The more footage that was shot the better we became. As it happens, the better we became the more footage we wished to shoot in return. The sharper our eye and the ever diligence of our precision level of quality set the standard for our business practice. We knew that wherever we went that there could be a possibility to share our vision. Better yet we wanted to take you all with us and provide you with the energy of our dream.

We at highly prospective found that our love for the artist, the art, and the experience was worthy enough to drive our company to bridge an ever evolving connection between the viewer and the Painting of reality.

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