A Howling Good Sunset

The Sun rises high and stays longer in the blue skies of the coastal tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. With the long days and the wonderful tropical humidity the natives seem unfazed as they greet the evening with the delights and spoils of a life that is put only as “Pura Vita”.

While in the company of an international crowd of like minded modern day explorers, misfits, tikas, and people of varying walks of life, we found that the ritual of the evening consisted of far more than the rumbles of the bass and the dances of thousands at the Festival of Envision 2018.

We followed the droves of wanderers towards the ocean’s call. The conversations and movement of our fellow festival goers in various tones, languages and inflections all vibrating toward the same goal. Sunset at the beach.

The sounds of the Festival slowly faded and merged into the hustling bustling melody of the local vendors as they were all ready to greet the travelers on their ocean bound journey with hand made wares and delicious local foods. As we made our way through this sea of people, sounds, smells and energy we could see our destination ahead. As the 200 foot palms opened to one of the most gorgeous sites that anyone could witness, we sighed in collective awe as our sunset was right ahead.

As the golden ball of fire who sat alit on the ocean western horizon began to caress the edge of the map, the Sounds began. A human chorus of ten… no twenty people start to howl and hoot and sing. Soon the contagion of the uproar began to spread and hundreds of others now joined in!

As the Sun made its last “Good Eve” to those magical western jungle shores thousands of voices sang and howled and cried out our collective “Thank You’s” in one wonderful unison.

Thousands on the beaches of Uvita

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