Envision Festival 2018

We had a great time at Envision Festival 2018. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Envision Festival is located on the cost of Uvita facing the west. The sunsets are gorgeous and full of energy. A lot of festival goers head out to the beach at sunset and say their farewells to the daystar.

What an amazing experience!

A special thank you to Graham Berry for allowing us to come and film the festival and Urban Hippie, LLC for sponsoring our trip.

What is Envision Festival? Lets have a look, shall we…

You are in the jungles of Costa Rica! The trees are beautiful and create a nice cool canopy during the heat of the day. You will not find many walking around in the direct sun. Art is all around you from paintings and wood crafts to fire spinning and silk dancing.

During the day at Envision Festival you can attend several types of gatherings. There are classes and lectures about yoga, sustainable gardening, and natural healing. Merchants that have brought their wares from all over the world for your eyes to behold. The stages light up at night. Musical talent from different countries giving you beats to bounce to.

Envision Festival is nothing short of an amazing experience and we are looking forward to attending again in 2019.

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