Virtual Tours

Let Highly Prospective bring your business into the present with a virtual tour of your establishment.


Will my business need to be verified by Google?
Yes, you will need to have your business verified by Google in order to submit a virtual tour to Google Street View.

What if my business is in a shopping center and not near the road?
If Google Street View doesn’t go by the front of your business, we will evaluate and do what we can to connect your business to Google Street View.

May my business have the tour branded?
Yes, your business my elect to have its brand in the nadir(bottom) or zenith(top) areas of the virtual tour.

What are the ways in which I can market my virtual tour?
Your virtual tour is not only available on Google Street View, but you can also embed the Street View tour on your site and Facebook pages.

Here are a few examples of tours we have done:

The T-Shirt Lady in East Atlanta Village

Google maps

The Path in Freedom Park