Tray Mountain Wilderness

The Forestry Service road leading through the Tray Mountain Wilderness is fairly long and filled with dips and divots. Parts of the road are filled with water and others are just washed away. The wonderful part of this road is not just the journey, but the beautiful views that surround you along the path. Even with rain clouds moving on the wilderness, the views were breathtaking.

After reaching the end of the trail, youd find several joining roads, some of which lead away with one trailing leading further towards Tray Mountain. This is the footpath known as The Appalachian Trail and crosses the summit of Tray Mountain. Views from this point are vast and from here you can see other summits like Chimney Mountain and Hickory Knob.

A cloudy view from the summit of Tray Mountain.

Beyond Tray Mountain is another summit nearly 2 miles away known as Young Lick Knob. Venturing down the trail we pass by the shelter path and the watering trail. By the time you reach the summit the rain has begun falling and you rest take the opportunity to rest upon a log in the rain and relax in the isolated wilderness.

As we remove ourself from this setting, we reflect on this experience which, like most, was trying and tranquil at the same time. We hope you enjoyed traveling along with us. We hope this inspires you to get out in nature and take in the fresh air and the warming rays of the sun. Where ever your travels may take you, rest assured that Highly Prospective is out capturing new experiences to share along your way.


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