Urban Hippie

Highly Prospective is proud to be supported by Urban Hippie.

What is Urban Hippie? Urban Hippie is an Atlanta based business specializing in fashion and events. Urban Hippie is also involved in activism –sponsoring events for M4MM and Peachtree NORML.

With the help of Urban Hippie, Highly Prospective has been able to get footage of some wonderful events and festivals allowing us to capture unique experiences as 360º video and photos!


Seattle Hempfest 2018

Urban Hippie not only sponsored our trip to Seattle,  they also sponsored the Seattle Hempfest in 2018.


Envision Festival 2018


Urban Hippie has helped make it possible for us to record 360º video of Envision Festival, Seattle Hempfest 2018, and DJ’s in local clubs around Atlanta, GA.



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