Adventure is in our nature.

Sitting in the seat of the Marta Bus heading, northeast toward the office after missing the flight to Seattle for our second professional business trip, the thought suddenly dawned on me. That no matter what you may plan in your agenda or set to stone, your plans mean very little to the great scheme of things. I was told that, “Where you are standing is exactly where you are.” Now, it took a minute for the words to set in, but I was quickly reminded of the very reason we started Highly Prospective.

Adventure is a true driving force within the inter-working of our company. The Crew keeps a very sharp eye on the goals while also letting our sights view all possibilities. I knew that I wanted to not only help create a company that provided excellent services and unrivaled customer satisfaction. I wanted to bring the viewer along with us as if they were within the crew itself. I wanted to present to the world, not only our talents for videography and photography but also our kind nature, humor, friendliness, our geek sessions and brainstorming fun.

We want you to feel as if you are not only walking the jungles of Costa Rica, but wowing and wooing right along with us!

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